Introduction to Visual Literacy

Understanding the Challenges of Effectively “Seeing” 

Seeing More Effectively Requires A Systematic Approach 

We are bombarded by millions of pieces of data every minute but can only deal with a small percentage. At any given moment you are only seeing 10% of what you think you’re seeing; the remaining 90% is filled in by our brain. This inbuilt coping mechanism can inevitably lead to errors that are caused by bias, assumption, and miscommunication. And these errors can lead to serious injury or death. 

COVE: Center of Visual Expertise has developed a learning process based on Visual Literacy and its application to occupational safety. We introduce new techniques and methods to begin identifying, spotting, and investigating potential safety issues within our workplace.

Program Overview

In this introduction to Visual Literacy, you’ll learn the visual language process, which includes the Elements of Art – line, shape, color, texture, and space – that are applied to recognizing and communicating hazards. The module provides a roadmap to help prioritize and implement mitigation of risk by learning about Seeing the Whole PICTURE™ – catching and communicating details that lead to better risk management, safety observation, and hazard identification. Seeing the Whole PICTURE™ will enable participants to better prioritize and implement risk mitigation through identifying and communicating details that lead to better risk management, safety observations, and hazard identification.

Participants will: 

• Understand the challenges of effectively “seeing” 

 • Employ the visual language process/roadmap to prioritize and implement risk mitigation

• Practice recognizing the Elements of Art

• Practice using Seeing the Whole PICTURE™

• Plan how to implement Visual Literacy in current work processes

• Practice using a common language to ensure consistency in effectively evaluating hazards and communicating them to team members

This introductory module establishes a baseline understanding that allows you to take a deeper dive into the application of Visual Literacy to specific aspects of a safety program in the subsequent modules. 

This application specific module is available under a license agreement and supports a train-the-trainer model.

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