Improving Safety Efforts – Learning to See With Purpose

Two people in a museum standing back to back

Most functioning organizations know that to operate efficiently and effectively, workers must have proper training and a full understanding of roles and responsibilities. To ensure this, we train workers on routine tasks, operating procedures and on established safety protocols. With so much effort made to ensure workers are properly trained, how is it that we don’t think to train them HOW to see?   After all, almost every aspect of their work requires this core skill!

Assuming you are able-bodied, seeing is just something you do automatically. But what about seeing with a purpose? Being able to see your environment with a set of tools that helps you see fully, completely and accurately. And, to then be able to analyze and communicate clearly that visual data you have absorbed. How important could that be for identifying potential hazards, communicating risk or investigating incidents?

Visual Literacy training offers a methodology to teach you how to see in a systematic way, allowing you to see more of what is around you, to spot hazards that otherwise could have gone unnoticed.

Attend one of our upcoming workshops where you will learn a framework that teaches you how to see with purpose.

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