Training Modules to Help Integrate Visual Literacy Into Your Health and Safety Programs

COVE is pleased to announce the creation of a new set of modules focused on taking the lessons from visual literacy and linking them directly to specific areas of EHS focus. These modules build from our Foundations of Visual Literacy workshops which provide a deep understanding of what visual literacy is, why it matters in the work that we do, and how we can improve our ability to See the Whole PICTURE™.


Developed by a team of experts in EHS and visual literary, they are designed for use in the workplace and utilize hands on exercises to create memorable experiences that can be applied in our work and at home.

Over the past several months, COVE has worked with a number of organizations in the application of visual literacy and its implementation. These modules along with the modules that follow address areas of application identified of most interest by workshop and company participants.

Our first module is an Introduction to Visual Literacy which can create a baseline understanding of visual literacy for workers at all levels of the organization. This module serves as a gateway to additional application-based modules such as Hazard Identification and Incident Investigation.

COVE is excited to not only provide the richness of museum-based experiences through our workshops and client engagements, but now provides tools that can be leveraged in the workplace to improve the ability to see what is in front of us, interpret what that means, and take the action necessary to keep everyone safe.

Take a deeper look into the Introduction to Visual Literacy module. Visit our programs page here.

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