Using Visual Literacy to Improve the Quality and Accuracy of Information Gathered Post-Incident

COVE is pleased to tell you about the latest module in our Visual Literacy suite targeting improvements in safety performance. Part of a series of modules developed by experts, the modules provide a framework for delivering Visual Literacy training in the workplace to address specific safety challenges. This latest module helps your teams address the problems of ‘seeing’ in the Incident Investigation process.

It provides a clear framework for improving how we undertake Incident Investigation, how we address some of the most common issues in effective Incident Investigation, and how to help teams understand the role Visual Literacy plays in effective incident analysis.

COVE is excited to provide organizations with new ways of seeing safety, identifying hazards, fixing safety problems and improving safety performance. All the Visual Literacy modules can be delivered by your own staff through a structured Train the Trainer approach and delivered at your facilities. 

Interested in learning more about this application?

Please join us May 16th, for our next webinar on “Reframing Event Analysis – Visual Literacy in Incident Investigations.”

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