Tools to Help You Stay Focused and Avoid Operating on Auto-Pilot

Row of box trucks driving on highway into sunset

Have you ever been on auto-pilot?  Was it on purpose or did you unconsciously drift to auto-pilot when performing a common task?

I think at one time or another we have all found ourselves mindlessly repeating the same activity that we have done many times before without thinking about it.  It might be our drive home or mowing the yard.  It might be completing that required hazard hunt for this month’s safety engagement program.  Or it might be the fifth hot work permit that I have completed today.   And most times it turns out ok – until it doesn’t.

Visual Literacy is all about what we see, what it means, and what we do about it.  We can avoid the potential impact of having our “blinders” on if we have the knowledge and tools to work differently – to see differently.   We can slow down, look deeper, and avoid the miss that turns into an incident now or later.

I hope you will join me on March 21 as we share our message on the value of Visual Literacy in our complementary webinar – A New Approach to Engage Employees and Mitigate Risks. We will focus on getting out of auto-pilot and applying a disciplined approach to seeing what is in front of us.  By reliably seeing what is in front of us, we have more opportunities to make the right interpretation of the risk it represents and take action to avoid the incident that might occur. 

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